The Standards are Higher Here.

Obay & Kvet Systems,
always here for our customers

Obay is a home delivery service that have partnered with Kvet Systems to provide home delivery of Antinol® PCSO-524®.  Kvet Systems is a small family run business based in the bottom of the South Island, they are the sole distributors of Antinol.

Antinol is the extracted oil of the green mussel made here in New Zealand , around the world Antinol has become the go to product for many vet clinics. The company have now sold over 880 million packets worldwide.

We are always looking at expanding the business to provide quality and affordable variety of products and devices used or recently developed for the industry.

We work hard,
and we win

At Obay, we strive to deliver the best products with the best service – and we want to become even better. Happy customers are always our #1 priority, and our team members are passionate about finding new ways to wow both pet owners and the industry at large.

Kvet Systems Ltd

1 Venus Place
Arthurs Point
Phone: 03 428 2926
Mobile: 021 411 570
Contact: Dave Miller

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